Morning Glory Muffins

Morning Glory Muffins

I love everything about my life…I have a wonderful husband, an amazing son, great family and friends who I love spending time with. The best thing for me is to be thankful for what I have, that is what I have learned so far in my life, and it makes me truly happy! Woke up this morning to the sound of birds singing and chirping, which I love I will admit!

The past week I made a decision to start eating paleo, Thanks Again Alia. I was struggling the first 3 days and my mind was taking over, repeating “I’m supposed to be happy yesterday and today…?!?” over and over, baffled by it, I blamed it on not getting enough sleep the week before, and guess what, I’m human! my goals for the month of April is to revolve around the word ENERGY. (something I can’t get enough of no matter how much I coffee I drink) with zero hesitation I went to the store and shopped for all healthy Ingredients, Meats, Veggies, Fruits, Oils and Coconut water which I already loved.
My Energy is starting to awaken more and more each day;-) Makes me happy.

My first posting for a recipe that I started with and would like to share are for “Morning Glory Muffins”. these are incredible. to be honest they taste so good I still feel guilty eating them.

•1/2 cup mashed sweet potato
•1/2 cup shredded coconut
•1/2 cup raisins
•1/2 cup chopped walnuts
•1/4 cup honey
•1/8 cup shredded carrot
•2 eggs
•3/4 cup almond flour
•1 tsp cinnamon
•1 tsp vanilla extract
•1 tsp baking powder

1.Preheat oven to 350*F.
2.Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and blend well.
3.Place 9 muffin cups in muffin tin.
4.Bake for 28-30 minutes or until muffins are cooked all the way through.
5.Allow to cool before serving

What the wha…

Let’s talk PALEO!

Sugar-Oh how I love you sugar.  But oh how I have to leave you alone.  I’m sitting at home a few months ago,  minding my business when 60 Minutes decides to wreck my good evening.

See Sixty Minutes Segment on Sugar.

Sugar is addictive?  Sugar feeds cancer cells.  What in the world?  I have to admit, I have long known that something wasn’t right.  Whenever I eat sugar my stomach bloats, I ride the high from the sugar rush, then crash when the sugar is gone.  SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT!  Enter PALEO!  Last year at my box (CrossFit lingo for gym) our Coach challenged us to eight weeks of PALEO eating.  Simply put, lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.  I thought, no problem, this is going to be easy.  Well how wrong I was.  By the second day I could not believe how much I wanted sugar.  I cheated so many times during the challenge and unfortunately I did not win-well I didn’t win the challenge that is.  However, I won something far more valuable.  I remember noticing that on the days when I was able to follow the PALEO diet, I felt better at work and didn’t experience the 10am crash.  I felt strong and commanded my CrossFit workouts as my muscles began developing.  Something changed within me and I realized that by letting the sugar, the grains, the noodles, the processed foods go, I FELT BETTER!  I performed better.  I looked better.  So over this year I have transformed my eating.  Now, I eat PALEO for life.  Of course I will have a piece of cake at a celebration or a little mac and cheese from time to time.  But I no longer am who I use to be and my body is proof.  I am so thankful that I found PALEO because I am proud to say that as I turn the page to my 40th birthday, I am in the best shape of my life.

R.I.P Oatmeal

Growing up, I ate oatmeal like it was going out of style. In the 80s it was old fashion oats. Nothing fancy ya know cause my mom worked fifty-eleven jobs and had no time for breakfast that took much time to create. Then we discovered the instant stuff in the box with all the cool flavors (ie apple cinnamon spice). Along with the cool stuff also came the processed “stuff”. I mean how long could REAL apples last on a shelf inside oatmeal if it wasn’t processed in some way? something to think about. Anywho traditional oatmeal is clearly not Paleo (which makes me sad on occasion…but I digress). Im currently reading a book called Wheat Belly by Dr.William Davis and it does a boring but exceptional job of explaining why processed cereals (especially those containing gluten) are very toxic to the digestive system. With that being said, I had to come up with some alternative for my dearly beloved oatmeal.

Disclaimer: there is store bought almond/coconut milk in this recipe which begs to differ if this recipe is indeed 100% Paleo. Rule of thumb, I try to be 100% Paleo, 80% of the time…shall we pause to digest that fancy mathematic equation? 🙂 Basically this recipe has the potential to be 100% approved by the Paleo gods but for now what we have below here is ummmm lets say 93% Paleo. Considering from where I came, I think that’s pretty darn good. If you are so inclined to make your own non processed almond milk (see link below), then this would give you your other 7%.

Recipe: “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats
This recipe for oatmeal Tastes ok but think I will experiment with the addition of other fruit (i.e apples puree leftover from juicing) next time.

▶1/4 cup chopped pecans (or walnuts)
▶1/4 cup chopped almonds
▶1 tbsp ground flaxseed
▶1 tsp ground cinnamon (or 1 tsp apple pie spice)
▶1 banana, mashed
▶3/4 cup liquid egg whites (or 3 egg whites)
▶1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (add more if desired)
▶1/2 tsp vanilla extract

⏩Blend pecan/almonds in blender or food processor (just enough to crumble them all together).
⏩Whisk together egg whites and almond milk and then stir in nuts, ground flax, mashed banana, vanilla extract, and cinnamon; blend well.
⏩In a medium saucepan, warm the mixture on the stove, stirring frequently, until the “oatmeal” reaches the desired consistency; this should only take a few minutes.
⏩Top with berries, nut butter, seeds, or whatever else your little heart desires.

Also here’s a good link to a discussion on whether or not almond milk is Paleo:
Is Almond Milk Paleo?


Change is part of our life journey…

Change is part of our life journey and I am ready to embrace change and that begins with PALEO. As we all know its hard to deal  with big challenges with poor health and low energy and that means more stress and problems to the body. I am ready to focus on the positive and so ready to crank things up a gear!!  A sense of wellbeing, more energy and some great sleep sure sounds great to me!  With all this said….   I am ready bloggers to read your posts or stories and what inspires you to want to live a better healthier, happier, Life changing you!

Before I sign off, Thanks to Alia Paige for creating the TalkPaleo  blog site. Awesome Idea and I have to say, that this will be and interesting experience to see in all of you ;-)  Let the Pledge Begin!

Until Next Time… Buen Provencho

The Thing with me & Food…

This thing with me, food and health is quite entertaining…well no not really. It’s actually quite sad. You ever heard that saying, “when you know better you do better”? Ok well I know better but for some reason I refuse to do better. What is that? I read somewhere that the food we eat is designed to be addictive so I’m going to blame my lack of doing better on that for now LOL. Im thinking though, this blogging thing may help me realize that it’s not the food as much as it is me.

Thanks Alia for creating a forum that will help us get on track, stay on track and sometimes even allow us to fall off track….and get back up (without judgement).

This should be fun…or maybe not; but at least it will be healthy. LETS GO PaleoTalk Team!


Welcome to my new blog!


Each of you have expressed interest in starting a PALEO Lifestyle so let’s do it!  I started a 9 WEEK Paleo challenge that I am doing at my Box (CrossFit lingo for gym) and since you want to give Paelo a try, I am challenging you to join me.  This is the first time eating in the Paleo style for two of you so let’s simplify it a bit by creating a TWO week Paleo goal.  Here’s the plan:

1.)    Upon your agreement, I will provide an overview, websites, and some great menus that I will send to each of you.

2.)    We will blog our experiences during the challenge with each other in an effort to support one another and share menus, things we learned, or just have someone to complain to! 

3.)    We will each pledge to do the following: a.) We will be honest-no matter what!, b.) We will forgive ourselves if we fail and get right “back on the horse”, and c.) We will open our minds and be willing to learn a new way of living that will not only help our waistlines, reduce the tendency in our community towards high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes, improve our energy levels and over all medical health.  So if you are ready, let’s do it!