Welcome to my new blog!


Each of you have expressed interest in starting a PALEO Lifestyle so let’s do it!  I started a 9 WEEK Paleo challenge that I am doing at my Box (CrossFit lingo for gym) and since you want to give Paelo a try, I am challenging you to join me.  This is the first time eating in the Paleo style for two of you so let’s simplify it a bit by creating a TWO week Paleo goal.  Here’s the plan:

1.)    Upon your agreement, I will provide an overview, websites, and some great menus that I will send to each of you.

2.)    We will blog our experiences during the challenge with each other in an effort to support one another and share menus, things we learned, or just have someone to complain to! 

3.)    We will each pledge to do the following: a.) We will be honest-no matter what!, b.) We will forgive ourselves if we fail and get right “back on the horse”, and c.) We will open our minds and be willing to learn a new way of living that will not only help our waistlines, reduce the tendency in our community towards high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes, improve our energy levels and over all medical health.  So if you are ready, let’s do it!

One thought on “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Alia, so glad you took the initiative and started this Blog. Happy that you included me. I’ve been doing Paleo for about 10 weeks which I started primarily to lose a few pounds before my daughter’s (Chin) wedding. I have more energy and an increased feeling of well-being. I now view the weight lose as a “by-product” of healthy eating.

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